Whole Home Generators: Peace of Mind for the Future

As a homeowner, there are many projects you can choose to tackle and invest your time and money in. However, some will benefit you more and increase your home’s value more than others.

Here you can learn more about whole-house and backup generators and how a home generator can give you peace of mind. You’ll also gain a better understanding of all the benefits they offer and reasons to use Generator Supercenter as your installation service experts.

What Does A Generator Do?

Other terms for a home generator are standby or backup generator. This piece of equipment will be hooked up to your home and will provide a source of power in case your home’s electricity goes out. You will only use this and it will only function in times when you have power outages and need a source of power. 

In the majority of cases, a home generator is worth getting. To keep its value and ensure it functions properly you will need to schedule regular maintenance for it. Keep in mind that it is a machine and the part it contains will need routine safeguarding. The best way to go about this task is to make sure you always have an annual tune-up on your generator.

Benefits of A Home Generator

There are many benefits of installing a whole house generator onto a home that you should be aware of. It not only offers improved safety and security but also efficiency and convenience. If you’re a homeowner and tend to leave your house for extended periods then it can also save you money in the long run. In addition, a backup generator can help prevent loss and put you at ease.

You will have more worry-free winters and can reduce your risk of water damage in your home. Just think of how much less stress you’ll experience when you know you have uninterrupted power in your home. Therefore, there is also less of a chance of experiencing catastrophic damage. If and when a power outage does occur, it can last for several days so you want to be prepared.  

How it Adds Value to Your Home

The other significant benefit of installing a home generator is that it is a home improvement project that increases home value. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future then you’re most likely to reap the biggest return on investment than if you were to install it and move in 10 years from now. In either case, a prospective buyer will appreciate and acknowledge the fact that they can stay at home safely if the power goes out.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost Vs. Value Report, a $12,860 backup power generator increases resale value $6,940 and recoups 54 percent. Take note that it’s not only going to increase your home value but it will also give you peace of mind and increase your home’s livability. Therefore, it’s certainly worth your time, money, and effort to do.

Backup Power & Preventing Loss

Heating and cooling your home effectively keeps it safe and dry. Electricity allows you to live your life completing necessary tasks such as taking a warm shower, cooking, and turning on the lights when it’s dark outside. You may forget or not be aware of how important it is until you lose electricity in your home. Why wait to be put in a troubling situation, instead you can purchase a whole-house generator and ensure that you have backup power available to you and can prevent major loss.

In the event of a power outage in the Virginia area, a standby generator can automatically restore power in your home. It also makes certain that you can run and use your appliances such as your refrigerator, sump pump, and heaters. During a power outage, a backup generator ensures that you can prevent loss and damage as a homeowner. You won’t have to worry about a sump pump not working and your home flooding, for example. Another concern is that your food will spoil if the power is out for multiple days. However, with a standby generator in place, you can have uninterrupted electricity and enjoy your food. You’ll not only save yourself money but also reduce stress and worry.

Tips for Choosing A Home Generator

You may be interested in purchasing and installing a home generator but aren’t sure how to go about it. There are some tips that will help you choose the right whole-house generator for you. First, think through which appliances or systems it will need to power. You may have a large home with multiple heat pumps and several key appliances, for instance. On the other hand, you might not need as high of a capacity for a whole-home generator if you live in a smaller house with a TV and gas furnace. The same goes for if you have Energy Star-rated appliances installed, you may not require as high of a capacity of a standby generator in this case.

How We Can Help with Generator Installation

Are you ready to install a new generator in your home? Then look no further than Generator Supercenter of Victoria. We can install your whole-home generator in no time and give you immediate peace of mind. There are several reasons to choose us over the other options such as that we offer turnkey installation and have a team of certified electricians and plumbers ready to take care of this project for you. After installation, we also have maintenance and service offerings you can take advantage of.

 If you’re ready to move forward then get in touch to schedule your install appointment today.


You now know all the reasons why a whole home or backup generator can give you peace of mind and increase your home value. There is a long list of benefits that you can’t pass up as a homeowner. Any home or homeowner that can experience a power outage should consider installing a whole-house generator today. Keep in mind that it’s an investment that will save you money and worry in the long run.

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