32-How A Standby Generator Can Help You Prepare For Power Outages

How A Standby Generator Can Help You Prepare For Power Outages

Suffering from a power outage can have a very frustrating impact on your life. Particularly in this day and age where more and more of us are working from home. Being without lights for a few hours is annoying enough, but imagine not having access to the internet for a few days or weeks. The problem with power outages is that we rarely have much time to prepare for them. No prior warnings will sound until just before they happen. Sure, weather forecasts may warn us of storms, meaning we might suffer from an outage. But, there’s generally no way of knowing if you will be without power until it actually happens. 

Thankfully, there is a way for you to proactively prepare for your next power outage – and all the others in the future. You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t even have to do anything complicated or time-consuming. All you need to do is purchase and install a standby generator. With one of these, you will instantly have home backup power to help you when outages occur. 

Why are generators so effective at fighting power outages, and what do you need to know before purchasing one? We’ve explained all the key points in the article below:

How do generators prepare for power outages?

A generator prepares you for the worst-case scenario by connecting to your home’s electrical circuit. As a result, it becomes aware of everything that’s happening. So, when it detects a lack of power from the normal power source, the generator will turn on and begin providing electricity to your home. They are designed to work automatically, so you don’t even need to press a button or do anything. The idea is that you will never even have a period without power as the generator works so seamlessly to ensure there aren’t any drops in voltage. 

What type of home generator should you purchase?

At Generator Supercenter, we specialize in Whole Home Generac generators. Portable generators are typically the most well-known, and they can be extremely affordable. They also give you the benefit of being able to move them around. However, they lack the power and the functions required to help you be proactive when you prepare for power outages. 

Instead, you need a whole-home standby generator. The key is in the name: it provides energy to your entire home and will be on standby until it’s called into action. Once installed, your standby generator sits there and waits. When there’s a power outage, it turns on and provides enough power for your entire home. 

Furthermore, you need to understand the size of the generator to install. Generators are categorized by kilowatts, meaning the products that produce more kW are able to provide more power. Bigger homes need more kilowatts, so make sure you understand how big your generator should be to power your whole home. Generator Supercenter can help you figure all of this out through an in-home consultation or by completing our free estimate form.

What are the benefits of using a standby generator for power outages?

The obvious benefit is that you don’t have to deal with a power outage at all. The generator will ensure that your home has enough electricity to keep going for days, weeks, sometimes even months. This means you can power some key things in your home, such as:

  • Essential medical equipment
  • The internet
  • Electronic cooking devices
  • Electronic heating devices
  • Lighting

You can see how being without any of these will be a massive problem and potentially damaging to your health and wellbeing. A standby generator means you never have to worry about them not turning on. 

Additionally, you benefit from protection from power surges. A power surge is an extreme spike in voltage throughout an electrical circuit. They tend to occur during power outages because the voltage decreases when the power goes out, but it spikes back up when the power turns on. Having an automatic standby generator gives you a source of home backup power that ensures you don’t see these extreme voltage fluctuations. Thus, there won’t be a power surge that could potentially fry circuits and cause irreversible damage to your electrical items. 

Do you want to be more proactive in preparing for power outages? At Generator Supercenter, we specialize in standby generator installation services. We can help you pick and install the perfect generator for your home, making the whole process efficient – we even help you deal with any installation permits and certifications. Contact us today, and we can provide you with a free estimate

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